What We Do

After 10 years in the industry, we decided to offer an Online Business Platform {12 Minute Business Model} for people with a low or fixed income. Anyone can join regardless of income.

Run by Retired and Paralysis Veterans we know many Veterans returning home from the Middle East may not be able to work a regular job, so we made it as easy as possible for people who work at home to build a successful business that makes them a passive income online.

Now, we share our passion by helping others. Our ramp up process is designed to empower you and help you make your first sale in one week.

Why Us?

Business mentors are key—that’s why when it comes to client selection, we’re choosy.

We are the only AFFILIATE PROGRAM that gives you the same TARGETED TRAFFIC SOURCES we use to make sales to post your affiliate link on.

 We want to give each of you the time and guidance you deserve.  Only a company that is making money online now can show you how to do the same. You need a current Coach to help you avoid the Pitfalls and Traps.

Join Us!